William Morris Room

North Bundaleer - William Morris RoomNorth Bundaleer - William Morris Room Bedroom

William Morris Room

Inspired by the arts and craft movement, the William Morris room has an antique brass tester bed

In the morning, sunshine touches the muslin on either side of the bed, giving it a warm glow. Originally the smoking room with its black and white marble fireplace, the room features the William Morris “Fruit” wallpaper.

The en-suite bathroom is in what was the original bathroom. With its “Teapot” brown decorative tile frieze, ivory tiles and original tessellated tile floor the bathroom has a free standing roll top bath.

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We have been royally entertained, in every sense, by our friendly and gracious host and hostess. Sitting on the verandah (in our dressing gowns) watching and feeling the sun start its day was quite magical. A visit for the memory bank if ever there was one.
Margaret & Colin, Norwich UK

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